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2023-24 Premier League Kits

Football fans are set to experience another exciting season from the EPL, with the opening game on Friday already seeing champions Manchester City set the pace with a 3-0 win over Burnley.

As we set to get entertained for another season let’s take a look at what kits the premier league teams will be wearing for their 2023-24 season. Several teams have already released their kits before the season started but there are also some that are yet to unveil all of their jerseys.

Arsenal 2023-24 Kits

The Gunners and Adidas have already released their home and away kits for this upcoming season but still keeping their third under wraps.

Arsenal’s home kit still features striking bold red as its base with an additional combination of white and gold for the sleeves and logos.

As for the away jersey, Mikel Arteta’s side unveiled the unique yellow-based kit on July 18 during their pre-season tour.

The third kit is still not released yet but leaked pictures online suggest that it will be in a dark green base with navy blue sleeves.

Aston Villa 2023-24 Kits

 Villa’s home kit was unveiled by Castore on June 22 this year and it still maintains the club’s main blue and claret colour. There’s also a discreet soundwaves pattern being placed all over the shirt as a representation of the fans’ Allez, Allez, and Allez chants.

Meanwhile, the away kit has been released on July 28 and it’s mostly in white with a slight blue trim on the collar. The away shirt also implemented an interesting and subtle lion art throughout the whole part of the jersey.

Villa’s third kit is yet to be released but leaked pictures only emerged showing that it will be in navy colour combined with a sky blue tonal pattern all across the shirt.

Bournemouth 2023-24 Kits

The Cherries got its home jersey made by Umbro unveiled on July 2 and it still features the club’s main red and black stripes.

Bournemouth also released their away kit not long afterwards on July 18, showcasing an ocean vibe with the blue base and dark blue addition for details. The pattern certainly showcases their attempt in capturing the different colours of the sea.

As for their third kit, The Cherries and Umbro have already launched it on August 2 and it features an interesting combination of dark navy and yellow set in a paintbrush design.

Brentford 2023-24 Kits

The Bees’ new home jersey in collaboration with Umbro was released on July 4 and maintains the club’s traditional red and white vertical stripes as the base. There’s also a gradient from red to black at the bottom of the front side.

Brentford’s away kit is rather unique as it’s a carry-over from the previous season which is a light blue base with darker blue addition for logos and details. The carry-over away jersey was first rereleased on July 22, 2022.

Meanwhile, for their third kit, the West London outfit unveiled it on July 21 and it features a combination of three primary colours of navy, pink, and turquoise. The shirt also implemented a close-up of Bee’s wing as a tribute to the club’s mascot.

Brighton and Hove Albion 2023-24 Kits

The Seagulls’ and Nike released the new home kit on July 17 and it features the club’s classic white and blue combination in a simple fashion.

Roberto De Zerbi’s side also unveiled their away jersey on July 7, ahead of their home shirt’s official release. The new away shirt has the same design as the home one but it features green-black combination colours.

Brighton’s third kit is actually a carry-over from last season’s kit which is a bright crimson and black stripes combination that got released on July 15, 2022.

Burnley 2023-24 Kits

The Clarets make their return to the Premier League this season with also a new home kit that was officially released on July 12. The 2023-24 home pays homage to their 1994 squad home shirt which is in the Clarets and blue colour combination.

As for the away shirt, Burnley and Umbro unveil it on July 25 and it features a yellow base with additional clarets and a bit of black for other details and logo.

Vincent Kompany’s side also unleashed its third jersey on August 1 and the new kit takes inspiration from the club’s floodlights at Turf Moor stadium. The kit’s base colour is dark navy with an additional blue as a design pattern along with a bit of yellow and white for the logos.

Chelsea 2023-24 Kits

The Blues are ready to embark on a new Premier League season with their latest home kit made by Nike which was unveiled on July 10 but will only be made available from August 16. The 2023-24 home kit has a blue base with an additional white application along with iridescent metallic gold colour for the badges.

There’s still no official release yet for Chelsea’s away kit but rumours are suggesting that it will feature a combination of navy and blue with a futuristic pattern design all-over the shirt.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side also haven’t unveiled its third jersey but leaked pictures believe it will be in mint green colour. Chelsea’s current kits are without front-of-the-shirt sponsors but they are in talks with Infinite Athlete for sponsorship.

Crystal Palace 2023-24 Kits

The Eagles are ready to start their Premier League campaign with the new home kit from Macron that was officially released on May 27. The 2023-24 home shirt combines red and blue in halves with additional white for details in logos, collar, and sleeve cuffs.

Palace’s away kit was unveiled on July 11 and it features a cool sash design in white and sky-blue combination. The club and Macron also inserted Crystal Palace Football Club writings all over the shirt.

The South-London outfit has also released their third kit on August 7 and it is in black with some cool dye-sub graphic pattern on amalgamated South London & Proud words placed on it. The third jersey also has a slight red-blue combination and white for the collar, sleeve cuffs, and logos.

Everton 2023-24 Kits

The Toffees’ new home kit made by Hummel was released back on June 29 and it still maintains the club’s traditional blue base with white applications. There’s an interesting design pattern placed in the collar that is based on Archibald Leitsch’s architecture.

As for the away kit, Everton unveiled it on July 21 and it features an intriguing combination of coral and navy colours with bold vertical stripes. The club apparently takes inspiration from their 1992-1994 and 1994-1996 away jerseys.

Meanwhile, the third kit is still under wraps as Macron and Sean Dyche’s side are yet to release it for the public just yet. Rumours suggest that it will be in grey as a special jersey to celebrate Hummel’s 100th-year history.

Fulham 2023-24 Kits

The Cottagers’ new home kit made by Adidas was launched back on June 30 and it maintains the club’s traditional white and black combination. There’s an interesting design of the sleeves that has contrasting colour combinations between red-black and white-black.

The West London outfit has also released their away kit for the new season and it features a very surprising pink colour as its base. The design is quite simple as it only combines pink with black for logos and other details.

As for the third kit, Fulham will reportedly use a carried-over of previous season’s away jersey which is a combination of pulse mint and navy colourway.

Liverpool 2023-24 Kits

The Reds unveiled their new Nike home jersey on May 5 and it features another simple design of gym red base with white details for logos, collar and sleeve cuffs.

Jurgen Klopp’s men also got their away kit released quite early on June 30 and it was a pretty interesting one with the green and white quarter pattern being implemented. There’s also an additional black colour being added for the logos and other details.

As for the third kit, Liverpool just unveiled it on August 11 and it features a rare colour combination for the club, which is a light and dark purple. There’s also slight addition of white and black for logos and other details.

Luton Town 2023-24 Kits

The newly promoted side have their home kit made by Umbro released on July 18 and the new shirt is predominantly orange with white vertical stripes and logo, and navy-blue addition. The 2023-24 home jersey also has an interesting discreet diamond pattern on it.

As for the away kit, Luton unveiled it on July 29 and it is mainly in white with the addition of black details for the logos and orange stripes.

There’s no information regarding any potential third kit being released by The Hatters and Umbro for the 2023-24 season.

Manchester City 2023-24 Kits

The Premier League defending champions are ready to embark on a new season with their Puma home kit that was released back on May 19. City’s new kit still features the club’s traditional light sky-blue colour with an additional white as a complimentary.

Pep Guardiola’s side also unleashed their away jersey on August 10 and it combined a white base with maroon and gold. Man City are debuting their away kit on their league opener against Burnley on Friday.

As for the third kit, The Citizens unveiled it during their pre-season tour in Japan and it features a dark navy colour as its base with a lightning bolt pattern in sky-blue and red logos.

Manchester United 2023-24 Kits

The Red Devils got their new Adidas home kit released on June 27 and it maintains the club’s traditional red colour with black logos/stripes and additional white for details. Man United’s new shirt also added the Lancashire Rose pattern placed all over the kit.

United’s away jersey has also been unveiled to the public on July 24 and it features an intriguing combination of dark green, white, and maroon in vertical stripes.

As for the third kit, Man U and Adidas launched it on August 8 and the shirt is mostly in off-white colour with additional maroon red for details. The new third jersey also uses an uncommon club logo by only putting out the devil instead of their usual badge.

Newcastle United 2023-24 Kits

The Magpies new home kit made by Castore was officially released on June 10 and it maintains the club’s classic black and white stripes colourway.

Newcastle also got their away jersey unveiled already on June 30 and the shirt is mainly in green with the slight combination of black and white for logos and other details.

Regarding the third kit, Eddie Howe’s side launched it on July 21 and the futuristic shirt is predominantly dark blue with the combination of bright yellow and lighter blue for the arrow pattern.

Nottingham Forest 2023-24 Kits

Forest interestingly revealed all three of their home, away and third jerseys made by Adidas on July 14 before making it available for purchases. The home kit is mainly red with an additional white for the logos and other details.

Meanwhile, for the away kit, Steve Cooper’s side features a combination of white, wavy blue stripes and navy. The away shirt takes its inspiration from the River Trent with the stripes that symbolized the fans’ strong support.

As for the third kit, despite its early unveiling, it wasn’t made available for purchase until August 2. The shirt itself is in dark navy with a combination of salmon-coloured accents and slight white for details.

Sheffield United 2023-24 Kits

The Blades and Errea released their new home jersey on July 14 and it features a red base with two solid white stripes and an additional black to complement the details.

The club have also unveiled its away kit back on August 4 which is mainly in yellow with the additional combination of black and red for details.

As for the third kit, Paul Heckingbottom’s side released it on July 24 and the shirt is in light green with an addition of red colour for applications and slight black on logos.

Tottenham Hotspur 2023-24 Kits

Tottenham had their new home jersey made by Nike unveiled on June 8 and it features the club’s traditional white and blue colour combination with an additional striking red for the shirt sponsor logo.

Spurs’ away kit got its official launch on August 11 and the new shirt is in a combination of dark navy and light purple. One special detail from the jersey would be the introduction of iridescent for the logos.

The Lilywhites’ third kit is still being kept under wraps but online leaked pictures suggest that it will be mainly in beige with a combination of navy and black for other details.

West Ham United 2023-24 Kits

The Hammers released their home kit made by Umbro on June 9 and it’s in claret with a combination of white-blue stripes graphic.

Meanwhile, West Ham’s away kit got its official unveiling on July 22 with the shirt showcasing an all-white base with the addition of subtle claret and blue for details.

As for the potential third kit, there is still no confirmation or details regarding what would The Hammers have in store.

Wolverhampton Wanderers 2023-24 Kits

Wolves’ new home kit in collaboration with Castore was officially unveiled on July 21 showcasing the club’s main yellow colour with the addition of black and white accents as complimentary.

As for the away kit, Gary O’Neill’s side have already been revealed on June 22 and it will be mainly in red with an additional grey-green colour along with yellow trim.

Meanwhile, there’s still no official released date for Wolverhampton’s third kit but leaked pictures online suggest that it will be in a combination of turquoise and teal with an interesting graphic pattern placed in front.

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