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Chelsea & Man City face relegation threat after Everton points deduction

Manchester City and Chelsea face the threat of relegation to the Championship following news of Everton’s record ten-point deduction.

According to The Times, a 30-point deduction or automatic relegation from the Premier League is a possibility for Chelsea and City.

News broke earlier today that Everton would take a ten-point deduction over a single breach of Financial Fair Play (FFP) charges.

The punishment, which comes into action immediately, has sent the Toffees down to 19th in the Premier League, sparking relegation fears after over 60 years in the top flight. City and Chelsea could face worse fates.

Man City are under investigation over 115 breaches of FFP rules, making it impossible to imagine what punishments the Premier League and FA would hand down.

Chelsea are also under scrutiny after payments from Roman Abramovich linked companies to several player-related entities.

The club’s signings of Willian and Samuel Eto’o are reportedly being investigated. The pair joined from Abramovich’s home country, Russia.

Both teams have been investigated by UEFA, but the statutes of limitation prevented European football’s governing body from scrutinising their finances.

However, the FA and the Premier League are not unencumbered by such limitations, and many people expect them to come down severely on City and Chelsea. 

The recent ten-point deduction for Everton over a single FFP breach sets a precedent that should reverberate through the Premier League. 

The prospect of relegation to the Championship looms large for City and Chelsea, and rightly so. It is imperative for the integrity of the sport that such indiscretions face severe consequences. 

The Premier League and FA must uphold fairness and transparency, ensuring no club is above the law.

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