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Chelsea-McKenna interest makes no sense, Blues must back Pochettino

Chelsea are reportedly eyeing Ipswich Town boss Kieran McKenna as an option to replace Mauricio Pochettino this summer, with the Argentine’s future still up in the air despite a terrific end to the season.

Pochettino is still unsure whether he will stay at the club, with an end-of-the-year review scheduled to determine his fate. He has backing within the club’s hierarchy, but a departure remains a possibility. 

Calls for change at Chelsea are understandable. Pochettino’s basic tactics underwhelmed at the beginning of the season, and the Blues dropped points in games they should have won.

The 4-2 loss to Wolverhampton Wanderers in February and the draws against Sheffield United and Burnley were low points. The team reached rock bottom during the 5-0 mullering at the hands of Arsenal.

However, Chelsea managed to turn things around towards the end of the season. The West Londoners are ending the season with five wins on the bounce, losing only one of their 15 final league games.

Pochettino has also shown that he is capable of adapting to modern tactics, using the inverted full-back model popularised by Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola.

Inheriting a squad in 12th and lacking experience in crucial positions, Pochettino navigated a challenging campaign admirably.

He instilled a clear tactical identity in a young group, securing a respectable sixth-place finish. 

Injuries hampered their progress, and questions remain over some summer signings. However, Pochettino’s ability to maximise a team in transition shouldn’t be overlooked.

A top-six finish with a youthful core battling injuries is a solid foundation. 

With a full pre-season and targeted reinforcements, Pochettino can propel Chelsea back into the Champions League. 

The former Paris Saint-Germain and Tottenham Hotspur manager has earned the right to stay at Chelsea and build upon a promising first season.

The rumoured interest in McKenna should be met with caution. While his achievements at Ipswich Town are commendable, the Blues need Premier League experience at the helm.

McKenna has excelled in the Championship. The 38-year-old’s potential is undeniable, but the relentless pressure of the Premier League is a different beast. 

Disrupting Pochettino’s momentum for an unproven option at such a crucial juncture is a needless gamble.

Chelsea have a talented young squad with Champions League aspirations, and they all reportedly love their current manager.

The Blues must focus on backing Pochettino with the necessary resources, allowing for continuity. After many managerial changes over the past two years, Chelsea need some stability.

The club should focus on building upon the positive foundations laid this season, and Pochettino remains the architect best placed to lead that charge.

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