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Premier League ‘Big Six’: The most trophies and Champions League qualifications in the last ten seasons

Aside from Tottenham Hotspur, fans of the so-called ‘Big Six’ clubs in the Premier League have had plenty to celebrate in the last ten seasons.

They have collectively amassed 33 major trophies and qualified for the Champions League 39 times during that period.

With that in mind, we look at each club to determine whether their fans can be pleased with how things have unfolded in recent years.

Manchester City

A quick look at who has won the most trophies in England over the past ten years puts one club head and shoulders above the rest – Manchester City.

They have lifted 15 major trophies and qualified for the Champions League every year during that time – no surprise given they are backed by the wealthy Abu Dhabi United Group.

While allegations of financial impropriety have cast a shadow over their achievements, no one can deny that Man City are a well-oiled machine on the pitch.

One of the most interesting elements of their success has been their net spend on players in recent years – a statistic often overlooked when assessing a club’s transfer dealings.

Man City’s net spend from 2019/20 onwards has been around £314 million – the second lowest of the ‘Big Six’ Premier League clubs.

City fans are understandably bullish about the club’s achievements – if only those pesky financial questions could be resolved so we can all enjoy them.


Although Chelsea’s tally of six major trophies and seven Champions League qualifications looks impressive, fans have every right to be concerned about the club.

Despite getting through numerous managers, previous owner Roman Abramovich seemed to have his finger on the pulse where football is concerned.

The same cannot be said for Todd Boehly, whose chaotic approach to ownership has made Chelsea the number one banter club in the Premier League.

Their net spend in the last couple of years has been a mind-boggling £633m, and you would be hard-pushed to argue they have done good business.

Chelsea’s decision to appoint Mauricio Pochettino as manager is yet to pay dividends, although it is much too early to suggest he will fail at Stamford Bridge.

Watching how things unfold at Chelsea will be the most intriguing storyline impacting the ‘Big Six’ over the next couple of years.


With four major trophies and seven Champions League qualifications, we can file Liverpool in the ‘satisfactory’ category.

The club’s £218m net spend since 2019/20 highlights the prudent nature of their owners – a factor that does not sit well with supporters.

After claiming the Premier League title in 2020, the Reds have had to rely on the domestic cup competitions for major silverware.

Their fortunes went south last season, with a £48m net spend leaving their squad woefully short of the quality needed to challenge for honours.

Liverpool’s net outlay this summer is double that figure, but their squad still has some glaring holes that must be addressed.

While Fenway Sports Group remain as Liverpool owners, the club’s fans will need to get used to being sporadically successful.

Manchester United

Speaking of clubs with ownership issues, let’s take a moment to marvel at how the Glazer family have managed to retain control of Manchester United.

Four major trophies and six Champions League qualifications is nowhere near good enough for one of the biggest football clubs in the world.

A near £609m net spend since 2019/20 suggests the Glazers are ambitious, but Red Devils fans know the reality is somewhat different.

Flirting with Financial Fair Play issues is a sad indictment of the Glazers’ ownership, and things will not change while they remain at the club.

Manager Erik ten Hag has done a decent job since arriving at the club last summer despite working with at least one hand tied behind his back.

Man United should at least be on par with Man City in terms of trophies and Champions League qualifications – the current gap is an embarrassment.


Four major trophies and four Champions League qualifications offer an excellent symmetry to Arsenal’s performances in recent years, but the numbers are not good enough.

The club has spent a net £552m since 2019/20 but has won just one major trophy – the FA Cup – during that time.

The Gunners were in the Premier League title conversation last season before blowing up on the run-in to allow Man City to power past them.

Their last league success was in 2003/04, which is a lousy record for a club that claims to be one of the biggest in England.

Their record in Europe is even worse, with only people with extremely good memories able to remember them winning the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1993/94.

If Arsenal genuinely want to be considered English football giants, it is time they started showing it by winning silverware more regularly.

Tottenham Hotspur

Most sensible football fans know that the concept of a ‘Big Six’ is simply marketing nonsense dreamt up by Sky Sports.

A quick look at a statistic of no major trophies and five Champions League qualifications highlights why Tottenham’s place in this so-called elite group is so laughable.

Their last major trophy was the League Cup in 2007/08 – an honour that most genuine big clubs consider a consolation prize.

Tottenham haven’t won the league since 1960/61, while their last FA Cup success dates back to 1990/91.

The most recent of their three European trophies was the 1983/84 UEFA Cup, further highlighting the spurious nature of their supposed ‘big club’ status.

Apart from their impressive home stadium, the only other thing that is ‘big’ about Tottenham is the status gap between them and Man City.

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